Sunday, April 12, 2009

Abo Obama Quik Facts

Abo Obama, also known as Samson Obama, is a younger half-brother of Democratic President Barack Obama. Obama was reportedly refused an entry visa into the UK in January 2009, as he attempted to travel from his native Kenya to the U.S. to attend Barack Obama's inauguration. According to reports that surfaced in April 2009, Abo Obama was denied a visa after he allegedly lied to police investigating a sexual assault against him.

Abo Obama Quik Facts
1. Born: 1968
2. Father: Barack Obama, Sr.
3. Mother: Kezia Obama
4. Sister: Auma Obama
5. Brothers: Bernard Obama, Malik Obama3, Abongo Obama
6. First met half-brother Barack Obama in 1987
7. Refused entry into the UK in January 2009
8. Questioned in connection with a sexual assault involving a 13-year-old girl in Berkshire, UK
9. Allegedly lied to police about his identity during questioning
10. Was not charged in connection with the case

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