Wednesday, April 15, 2009

10 Quik Facts About Tax Day - April 15

Each year on April 15th millions of Americans flock to the post office to file their income tax returns at the last minute.

Many post offices extend their hours until midnight to offer their patrons the required date as long as the day lasts. Some even provide refreshments as taxpayers line up outside their doors.

10 Quik Facts About Tax Day

1. Date: April 15th unless it falls on a weekend
2. Began with the passing of the 16th Amendment
3. First proposal for American Income tax denied in 1812
4. A 3% income tax on all income over $600 passed 1861
5. The 3% tax was later declared unconstitutional
6. Original due date: March 1st
7. Date moved back to allow the IRS more time to hold onto refunds and to give IRS employees a break
8. Sometimes falls on Patriot's Day
9. Tax extension does not exempt you from paying any due taxes by April 15th
10. If unable to pay due taxes by April 15th, a payment plan may be available

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