Sunday, April 12, 2009

10 Quik Facts About Bo Obama

Bo Obama is the "First Dog of the United States." Due to arrive at the White House on April 14, 2009, the six-month-old Portuguese Water Dog is named after rock pioneer Bo Diddley and in honor of Michelle Obama's father, whose nickname was "Diddley."

10 Quik Facts About Bo Obama

1. Dog belonging to the Obamas
2. Breed: Portuguese Water Dog
3. Born: c. October 2008
4. Adopted from a Texas kennel
5. Bo is a gift from Ted Kennedy's family
6. The Kennedys will present the dog to the Obamas on April 14, 2009
7. Bo is related to Portuguese Water Dog owned by the Kennedys
8. Named after Bo Diddley
9. Other names considered: "Moose" and "Frank"
10. During Obama's presidential acceptance speech, he announced that his daughters would be getting a dog

The Wait's Over: Obama's Choose First Dog (Time: 1:16)

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